Nota Bene: Please be informed that the special feature devoted to Mohannad Elkhouly, winner of Bohème's First Annual Literary Competition, will be in our March issue (next month) and not in this month's issue as previously announced. We apologise for this error.

Musklaku sur flago por legi la
Cliquez sur un drapeau pour lire
Clicca su una bandierina per
     leggere l'articolo.
Clique numa bandeira para ler o
Haz un clic en una bandera para
     leer el artículo.
February 2005
Volume II, Issue 10

Le Deuxième Concerto
en Rose Majeur

By Bernard Tournier
Oil on Canvas

Next Issue Due Out 2 March 2005

March Cover Artist: Jan van Gogh
Eamon's Bookmark: Fury - II
The Art of Valeriy Grachov
Defining Gothicism
And Much More!

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February Cover Artist Bernard Tournier  
Four Paintings by This Month's Cover Artist

Musée de Bohème: Sammy Miro  
Four Works by Artist Sammy Miro

Two Poems
by Yahya Abdal-Aziz

"The Bed," a Poem
by Kifle Bantayehu

"His City," a Short Story
by Christopher Woods

"Moon," a Poem
by Sabrina Laurent  

"Blue Contralto," A Poem
by Charlton Metcalf

"Hit the Road," A Short Story
by Shelly Nidetz

"It's Been Two Weeks," A Poem
by Yahya Abdal-Aziz 

"The horrible smoke," a Haiku
by Mina 

Special Exhibition: "Impressions of the North"
by Sabrina Laurent    

On Liberty - Part I
by Eamon Graham  
A Commentary on Chapter I

The Great Pictorial Movements: Realism
by Sabrina Laurent
The Last Article of the Series

Bohèmian Postcards: Walt Disney World - Part III
by Karen Melissa Graham
Continuing our Visit to the Florida Theme Park

Eamon's Bookmark: Fury
by Eamon Graham  
Salman Rushdie's Latest Novel

February Birthdays
by Sabrina Laurent  
Artists and Writers Born in February

Bohème Reviews
by the Bohème Staff  
Six New Reviews of Books, Films and CDs

Photographism, Musicism and
  New Dialects for the Arts
by Lee Barry
An essay in a series on the subject of boundaries

CD Review: Black Orpheus
by Sabrina Laurent  
A Review of Keziah Jones's 2003 Album

Love - Reflections in Broken Glass
by Danyl Strype
Part 1 of a 4 part Series on the Bohemian Virtues

The Photography of Nadar
by Sabrina Laurent  
The Early Art of Photography