At the raw beginning of a new creative endeavor, Bohème will not be conservative in any way or fashion possible nor preach to the converted or bow to Political Correctness/Cultural Status or Canon; we seek to push the envelope of creativity, paracultural pluralism and "the (R)Evolution of the Everyday," etc.

What is Bohème?

Bohème is a monthly publication, free for all of its readers, dedicated to arts, literature and opinion. Each month, we will explore literature, cinema, music, theatre and the visual arts of yesterday, today and tomorrow with a point of view not found elsewhere. We want to expose the reader to less-known art forms and experimental new styles.

Who is Bohème?

Bohème is published online by The Bohème Magazine Group, an informal collective of volunteer starving artists from all over the world brought together by the technology of the internet. We do not represent or endorse any party, organisation or company, but - as part of our mission - seek to cooperate with artists and other similar groups around the world to promote and assist each other. To learn more about the members of our group, or to contact us, please see the Publication Information page.

Why Do We Publish Bohème?

We work hard to publish Bohème because we believe in bringing new and fresh voices - uncensored - to the world of art and literature, and to give opportunities to artists who - like all of us - have found no support from the establishment. We, like many others, are disappointed with the commercialisation of art today, the snobbish (and expensive) exclusiveness of the art gallery and the publishing world, and the overall lack of outlets for non-connected artists and writers to have their work discovered.

What are Bohème's Goals?

We want to offer a publication featuring quality articles, fiction, essays, poetry, and visual arts with a revolutionary point of view. Bohème aims to be both an alternative to the establishment as well as an alternative to the alternative. We also wish to express subversive opinions and promote underground art. We hope to grow beyond the realm of the typical e-zine in order to give a professional outlet to alternative/unknown writers and artists, with more articles, and more original literature and art work. In doing all of this, we hope to continue working towards our goal of giving non-established and independent artists a voice on the internet. We aim to do all of this with professionalism in a spirit of independence and freedom of speech and expression.

How does Bohème Work?

As a non-commercial magazine, Bohème doesn't receive any kind of profit, but we publish using our own time, limited money and resources as a labour of love. Like Bohème's core participants, our contributors volunteer their work not for compensation but in a reciprocal partnership that aims to encourage and promote their work. Bohème aims to bring together independent artists for support, encouragement, networking and promotion. We want to work with other artists to share resources, and using our own to help underground and unknown artists get their work out to a larger audience.

What is the Bohème Philosophy?

Those interested in understanding the spirit behind Bohème can read the First Bohème Manifesto, published in October 2004, by clicking here.

How Can You Help?

To find out how you can help, click here!

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